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Please browse through the site and if there is something that you don't see please write to us to order

Convex Carver Wheels

GritWheel Dia1/4" Wide Wheel 1/2" Wide Wheel1"wide wheel
600 Grit2"100-MC2-46 60.00 100-MC2-2670.00N/A-
4"100-MC4-46 85.00 100-MC4-26 95.00100-MC4-16 110.00
6"100-MC6-46 110.00 100-MC4-26 120.00100-MC4-16 135.00
8"100-MC8-46 145.00 100-MC8-26 155.00100-MC8-16 170.00
360 Grit2"100-MC2-43 60.00 100-MC2-2370.00N/A-
4"100-MC4-43 85.00 100-MC4-23 95.00100-MC4-13 110.00
6"100-MC6-43 110.00 100-MC4-23 120.00100-MC4-13 135.00
8"100-MC8-43 145.00 100-MC8-23 155.00100-MC8-13 170.00
220 Grit2"100-MC2-42 60.00 100-MC2-2270.00N/A-
4"100-MC4-42 85.00 100-MC4-22 95.00100-MC4-12 110.00
6"100-MC6-42 110.00 100-MC4-22 120.00100-MC4-12 135.00
8"100-MC8-42 145.00 100-MC8-22 155.00100-MC8-12 170.00
100 Grit2"100-MC2-41 70.00 100-MC2-2185.00N/A-
4"100-MC4-41 100.00 100-MC4-21 115.00100-MC4-11 140.00
6"100-MC6-41 135.00 100-MC4-21 150.00100-MC4-11 175.00
8"100-MC8-41 185.00 100-MC8-21 200.00100-MC8-11 225.00

Wheel Adaptors

The adaptors below are for the Genie and Pixie. Order right hand adaptors for adding specialty wheels. Makes it easy to change to them while working. The left hand Genie adaptor comes with lap connector nut.

101-ADP-GR R/H Genie8oz 48.50
101-ADP-GR L/H Genie8oz 55.00
101-ADP-PR R/H Pixie8oz 25.75

Wheel Adaptors

We also have an assortment of wheel adaptors that allow machines to accept attachments with a 1/4" X 20 thread bolt. Arbor size is listed below with order number. Have set screws.

106-AD-14111/2" arbor6 oz 6.00
106-AD-14123/8" arbor6 oz 6.00
106-AD-14135/16" arbor6 oz 6.00
106-AD-14141/4" arbor6 oz 6.00
106-AD-14155/8" arbor6 oz 7.00

Genie Wheel Adaptor Kit

Now you can enjoy the convenience of an extra adaptor for adding wheels to your Genie without having to figure out in advance which spacers you might need. This kit contains the extra Genie right hand adaptor, nut plus seven extra spacers to accomodate any wheel combination. Contains the following spacers: two 1 3/8" wide, three 3/4"wide, one 5/8" wide and one 1/4"wide.

101-ADP-GRK 2 lbs 65.00