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stngage1 - Stone Gauge

Stone Gauge. Stone diameters are measured with the calibrated gauge holes provided in 1/2 mm steps from 2mm to 11mm. Corresponding gauges for mountings are provided on the center wheel. Useful in choosing the right setting bur.

162-GA-172 ...... 1 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$6.75

diamgage - Bead, Pearl, Diamond Gauge

Bead, Pearl, Diamond Gauge

Measures in metric carats and metric grains up to 6 carats and 40 grains respectively. Made from thick, white plastic. Size 4" x 2 1/2".
160-GA-173 ...... 1 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$3.00

mntggage - Stone and Mounting Gauge

Stone and Mounting Gauge

Aluminum gauge with holes for measuring stones, while the round extensions are used to measure mountings. One side shows mm's and the other the corresponding carat weight for Diamonds.
160-GA-171 ...... 2 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$5.50

metringgage - Metal Ring Size Gauge

Metal Ring Size Gauge

Professional finger ring sizer. Nickel plated, 1/2 round. Easy to read colored numerals. Sizes 1 - 13 with half sizes according to U.S. standard.
150-GAU-251 ...... 3 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$13.25

Plastic Ring Size Gauge

Graduated in half sizes from 1 to 13. Accurate, durable and inexpensive. On a chain.
150-GAU-255 ...... 2 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$1.75

alummandrel - Aluminum ring mandrel

Aluminum Ring Mandrel

Professional ring madrel made of solid aluminum. Graduated in 1/4 sizes from 0 - 13.
160-GA-193 ...... 2 lbs Ship. Wt. ...... us$14.50

Grooved ring mandrel made of solid aluminum. Use with faceted stones. Graduated in 1/4 sizes from 0 - 13.

160-GA-192 ...... 2 lbs Ship. Wt. ...... us$18.75

stmandrel - Solid Steel Ring Mandrel

Solid Steel Ring Mandrel

Use for shaping and enlarging rings as well as measuring. Made of hardened and polished tool steel. Grooved for use with faceted stones. Graduated in 1/4 sizes with long smooth taper to give adequate work space. Handle is knurled for better grip.
154-RG-16 ...... 3 lbs Ship. Wt. ...... us$21.00

plmandrel - Plastic Ring Mandrel

Plastic Ring Mandrel

Accurate, durable, inexpensive. Graduated in 1/4 sizes from 0 - 13.
160-GA-194 ...... 8 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$2.75

brstgage - Brass Millimeter Measuring Gauge

Precision Brass Gauge

80mm sliding gauge includes inch scale in 1/16" as well. 3" long.
150-GAU-168.80 ...... 3 oz Ship. Wt. ...... us$11.40